[tog] BSP in Dublin, take II

Jonathan McCrohan jmccrohan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 22:26:12 IST 2012

[CC'ing ILUG, who also might be interested]

Hi Martín,

On 06/08/12 13:40, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> [CC'ing TOG, the Dublin Hackerspace, as people in there might be 
> interested in attending too]
> Hi,
> The last attempt, started by Phillip Ashmore, finally didn't happen. 
> So I am starting again an effort to run a Debian BSP in Dublin.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this one. :-)

> This time, I have already a place for it: the Google offices in
> Barrow street. I still have to sort out some details, and
> speficically, the exact dates, but my idea is to hold it on a weekend
> between 25/8 and 16/9, depending on the availability of people who
> want to participate/help organise.
> If you want to be part of it, please fill the Doodle (sorry, 
> propietary software, but at least it does not force you to create an 
> account) with the dates that would work for you: 
> http://doodle.com/wkcf976u2estqdzt

Did you intend to keep the Doodle results private?


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