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Meg tog at klexi.com
Tue Nov 29 19:58:21 GMT 2011

Hey people!

A friend of mine asked me to forward the e-mail below to you. Maybe one of
you would like to work on that.


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From: Conor O'Boyle <conor_oboyle at hotmail.com>
Date: 8 November 2011 18:00
Subject: Coin project
To: Meg <meg at klexi.com>

 Hi Meg,

What I wanted to ask you is, a designer in the building where I work is
doing a project that involves dropping a coin into a box - it's for a
charity (but it's still a paid job). They want the box to do something
interesting when the coin drops in. So it might need to be hooked up to a
circuit board which might trigger some type of interactive response from a

So, I was thinking that it might be a good project for some of your friends
at TOG to get involved in. If you know of someone at TOG who might be
suitable for the project, could you send me their contact details - and
I'll pass them on.


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