[tog] Knowledge Exchange talk tomorrow

Richard Ryan jimmynohands at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 17:32:55 GMT 2011

Sorry to spam the list - and not from my main email account - but it's
almost certain
some subscribers will be interested in this:

"Artificial Intelligence: the very idea"
A Knowledge Exchange lecture - 12:30-14:30, Sunday 20/11/2011, in the
Exchange, Exchange St, Temple Bar.

"Artificial Intelligence is only 20 years away!" This has been said
every year since the mid-60s. This Sunday, Prof. Kevin Ryan will talk
about why those 20 years weren't, and what happened instead.
This brief talk, to be followed by a long discussion, will contrast what
was promised with what was achieved and try to summarise, in
non-technical language, some of the obstacles to building machines that
equal or even surpass us in intelligence - whatever that means.
Buzzwords to be explained along the way will include Lisp, Strong AI,
Singularity, Expert System, Turing Test and Machine Learning.

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