[tog] Quite Interesting Jolly Guessing Game for Code Monkeys like you

Jeffrey Roe tdr112 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 09:46:05 GMT 2011

Hello all,
For the second year running a cross community group as coming together
to create a christmas techie table quiz.

Techies/geeks are welcome, whether you are from Ruby Ireland, Python
Ireland, GTUG, Dublin JS, TOG.ie, ILUG, etc.

Entry fee: €5 per person / €2.50 per student (with valid id)

Free food (thanks, Demonware), and prizes to be won, but you buy your
own drinks.There will also be a charity raffle. All proceeds will go
to Camara.ie.

Team leads, register your team at

Entry Rules:
Table with team of 1 - 4 participants. (Please note: First 12 teams accepted)
The quizmaster has final say over all disputes and answers.
And please, try not to cheat. It's fun and for a good cause. If you
are caught, you are kicked out of the pub quiz.

Thanks to all sponsors who contributed to the event.

If anyone would like to join the TOG team, speak up.

Jeffrey Roe,

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