[tog] is a chubb lock harder to pick from the outside when the key is in the lock (on the inside)?

Stephen Church stephen at imesIreland.com
Tue Nov 8 17:47:27 GMT 2011

I would get on to the PSA (private security authority) to see if they have
a record and the company he works for too . This is not on , Also the
gardai might be of help too

as regards to locks id put some sort of latch inside the door that can be
put on at night yet has no outside access, replace the chubb lock and
cylinder lock.

On 8 November 2011 17:07, Robb Mitchell <robbathon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello lockpickers,  Please can you help a damsel in distress?
> A friend of mine was locked out recently and thus engaged the services
> of a (so called) professional locksmith.
> The locksmith managed to open the door, but has since been sending her
> a number of unwanted saucy SMS messages.
> I am sure you can imagine that unwelcome attention is even less
> welcome when it comes from someone who knows that you live alone and
> has a proven ability to open your locked front door.
> Its just a temporary rented flat (with no chain) so installing extra
> locks not a real option.
> There are already two locks on the front door to the flat. What I
> would call a normal one (smallish flat key) and also what I think is
> called a chubb (one where the lock mechanism is inside the body of the
> door). The key looks a bit like a less rusty version of this
> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3134/2814254383_990fa147e8_z.jpg
> Can she sleep more soundly at night if she leaves the Chubb key inside
> the lock after locking it?   I imagine this makes it harder for a
> picker to do their picking, but maybe it brings other vulnerabilities?
> (the door is fairly "airtight", so there is not a possiblity of
> knocking the key out onto a sheet of newspaper and then scooping the
> key under the door).
> Thanks very much for any tips (or reassurances) you can offer.
> cheers
> Rob
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