[tog] is a chubb lock harder to pick from the outside when the key is in the lock (on the inside)?

Robb Mitchell robbathon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 17:07:31 GMT 2011

Hello lockpickers,  Please can you help a damsel in distress?

A friend of mine was locked out recently and thus engaged the services
of a (so called) professional locksmith.

The locksmith managed to open the door, but has since been sending her
a number of unwanted saucy SMS messages.

I am sure you can imagine that unwelcome attention is even less
welcome when it comes from someone who knows that you live alone and
has a proven ability to open your locked front door.

Its just a temporary rented flat (with no chain) so installing extra
locks not a real option.

There are already two locks on the front door to the flat. What I
would call a normal one (smallish flat key) and also what I think is
called a chubb (one where the lock mechanism is inside the body of the
door). The key looks a bit like a less rusty version of this

Can she sleep more soundly at night if she leaves the Chubb key inside
the lock after locking it?   I imagine this makes it harder for a
picker to do their picking, but maybe it brings other vulnerabilities?

(the door is fairly "airtight", so there is not a possiblity of
knocking the key out onto a sheet of newspaper and then scooping the
key under the door).

Thanks very much for any tips (or reassurances) you can offer.



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