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Stephen Church imes.stephen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 13:26:50 GMT 2011

Wgat resolution are you broadcasting in ? , 576 lines ? 

Stephen Church
Stephen at IMESIreland.com

On 2 Nov 2011, at 11:31, Daniel Cussen <dan at post.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> As part of my broadcast station I have been working on a testcard
> system which will display a picture when nothing else is being
> broadcast. In the past testcard images are one static picture with
> colours and lines. Newer testcards tend to have moving images and
> sound. The system I have can display fixed .jpg images and .avi movies
> (with sound).
> The rules say the callsigns EI3TRT and EI9TRV should be displayed so I
> will need to overlay these words on any image.
> I would like thoses that have the time to try and make up some fun
> images and short movies (less than 15 seconds) which could be used for
> testcards. I will consider any submission.
> If you do a web image search for testcards you should get an idea of
> what is required but any image, such as the rubens tube etc, will be
> considered.
> Mashup's or weird mixes of video might be fun. Action shots of hackers
> at work etc. We could consider matrix screensaver type images too.
> So please send any images or movies direct to me.
> Thanks,
> Dan
> On 24/09/2011, Daniel Cussen <dan at post.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The main project I have been working on this year is a TV broadcast
>> station for Dublin. This will broadcast a full TV station over radio
>> which can be picked up by an aerial in the Dublin area.
>> This TV station is experimental and lots of people will have the
>> ability to send their own TV pictures through the system.
>> I would like to see this system used by TOG people and the wider
>> arts/short film makers etc. It can also be used for live outside
>> broadcasts such as events/protests etc.
>> I heard from the government the licence to broadcast should be issued
>> in the next few weeks. We have a site up the mountains overlooking the
>> city and we are about 60% complete on building and testing the system.
>> Much of the design is home-made electronics and control systems and it
>> is planned to link to a similar system in cavan from the start.
>> I might be looking for help from some TOG members, particularly
>> between now on X-mas on the broadcast control side and from the new
>> year, on testing coverage across the city and helping build up receive
>> kits. Ideally I would like to setup 10 to 30 people to receive the
>> signal next year and expand the system depending on interest and
>> funding.
>> The system is quite experimental, open and simple. It is a repeater
>> design which means anyone with the required licence can send a signal
>> from their home up to the mountain, and the mountaintop site will
>> re-transmit the signal back over the city.
>> At least 4 members of TOG already have the licence needed and there
>> are at least 30 other people in the Dublin area. By linking to the
>> Cavan system then others in the Cavan/Dundalk area can also join in. A
>> licence is not needed to receive the signal.
>> I hope to be at the next social night on Saturday 1st of October, and
>> I hope to have some of the equipment with me. It's not all that
>> complicated and I intend using low cost off the shelf equipment for
>> receivers.
>> Please feel free to reply with questions etc.
>> Dan
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