[tog] TOG TV Broadcast station project update

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Wed Nov 2 11:31:03 GMT 2011

Hi all,

As part of my broadcast station I have been working on a testcard
system which will display a picture when nothing else is being
broadcast. In the past testcard images are one static picture with
colours and lines. Newer testcards tend to have moving images and
sound. The system I have can display fixed .jpg images and .avi movies
(with sound).

The rules say the callsigns EI3TRT and EI9TRV should be displayed so I
will need to overlay these words on any image.

I would like thoses that have the time to try and make up some fun
images and short movies (less than 15 seconds) which could be used for
testcards. I will consider any submission.

If you do a web image search for testcards you should get an idea of
what is required but any image, such as the rubens tube etc, will be

Mashup's or weird mixes of video might be fun. Action shots of hackers
at work etc. We could consider matrix screensaver type images too.

So please send any images or movies direct to me.



On 24/09/2011, Daniel Cussen <dan at post.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> The main project I have been working on this year is a TV broadcast
> station for Dublin. This will broadcast a full TV station over radio
> which can be picked up by an aerial in the Dublin area.
> This TV station is experimental and lots of people will have the
> ability to send their own TV pictures through the system.
> I would like to see this system used by TOG people and the wider
> arts/short film makers etc. It can also be used for live outside
> broadcasts such as events/protests etc.
> I heard from the government the licence to broadcast should be issued
> in the next few weeks. We have a site up the mountains overlooking the
> city and we are about 60% complete on building and testing the system.
> Much of the design is home-made electronics and control systems and it
> is planned to link to a similar system in cavan from the start.
> I might be looking for help from some TOG members, particularly
> between now on X-mas on the broadcast control side and from the new
> year, on testing coverage across the city and helping build up receive
> kits. Ideally I would like to setup 10 to 30 people to receive the
> signal next year and expand the system depending on interest and
> funding.
> The system is quite experimental, open and simple. It is a repeater
> design which means anyone with the required licence can send a signal
> from their home up to the mountain, and the mountaintop site will
> re-transmit the signal back over the city.
> At least 4 members of TOG already have the licence needed and there
> are at least 30 other people in the Dublin area. By linking to the
> Cavan system then others in the Cavan/Dundalk area can also join in. A
> licence is not needed to receive the signal.
> I hope to be at the next social night on Saturday 1st of October, and
> I hope to have some of the equipment with me. It's not all that
> complicated and I intend using low cost off the shelf equipment for
> receivers.
> Please feel free to reply with questions etc.
> Dan

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