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UM: International Festival for Experimental Intermedia


28 May 2011, Dublin, Ireland, Block T, 1-6 Haymarket, Smithfield from
5 Nov 2011, Oporto, Portugal
1 day + 1 night only
Full programme details: www.1um1.net

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=187278317986576
Twitter: http://twitter.com/PolarProduce

Includes: Exhibition, workshops, talks, concerts and performances

Involving: Local & international artists, musicians, researchers,
performers, writers and cooks

2011 Edition Focus // Desire

UM âАУ International Festival for Experimental Intermedia brings to
leading and award winning media, sound and performance artists from across
Europe to showcase their innovative and exciting new work.

Directed by Teresa Dillon, Polar Produce and originally established in
Lisbon, Portugal, UM is a fresh new festival, which focuses on the
presentation of contemporary media artwork. In 2011 the festival tours to
Dublin and Oporto.

Each year the festival is guided by a theme, which in 2011 is on the idea
of desire and how digital technology has lead to different ways in which
we perceive and communicate our motivations, pleasures, pains and needs.

The Dublin edition of UM is created in partnership with Block T, the
multidisciplinary creative space and studio where the event will also take
place. The event will run for just one day and night! So not to be missed!

28 May: Day

Exhibition, Block T
Costs: Free

Includes: Leading UK video artist, Jaygo BloomâАЩs (UK) sonic retro
inspired pong-based installation, immerses your senses; award winning
media artist and architect Sonia Cillari (NL/PT) creates before your eyes
a beautiful and meditative graphic piece using sensors which capture her
breath, while Terike HaapojaâАЩs (FI), poetic life size projection
via thermal cameras the heat leaving the body of a died horse. Joan Healy
(IRL) playfully turns her body into a human-instrument constructed from
her own hair, which you can play live and Alan Butler âАШs (IRL) comedic
rehash of the latest Sex In the City, film trailer, brings a demonic twist
these well know female faces. Teresa Dillon (IRL/UK) creates a chocolate
disco fountain in the Block T lounge.

Workshop: Visual and Spatial Mapping with Jaygo Bloom
Costs: âВ¬25. Booking required.
Visual and spatial mapping workshop by artist and international visual
jockey (VJ), Jaygo Bloom, who regularly works with the likes of Franz
Ferdinand and is considered as one of the UKâАЩs most innovative video

15.00-15.20: Live Art performance
Joan Healy, My Hairy Banjo (installation/performance)

17.00-17.20: Live Art performance
Joan Healy, My Hairy Banjo (installation/performance)

Special exhibition performance: Sonia Cillari (NL/IT), As An Artist I need
Rest (installation/performance)

19.00-19.20: Live Art performance
Joan Healy, My Hairy Bango (installation/performance)

28 May: Night

Talks, concert and performance, Block T
Costs: âВ¬12 on the door

19.30-21.00: Talks
Presentations by Mark Maguire (IRL), Rachel OâАЩDwyer (IRL), Jaygo Bloom
(UK), Sonia Cillari (NL/IT) and more. A variety of stimulating artist and
academic talks 10-minute presentations on how technology has changed the
way in which we read our emotions and desires, including topics on
emotional surveillance, death and listening, desire and gaming, vortal
control of the body and voyeurism as well the technology of food and how
it hits our core desire buds.

21.00-21.30: The Hemi-Ballistic Electric Ensemble, Sound art performance
Immersive, shamanic performance from Jack Wrigley, Sarah Milne and Robbie
Thomson (SCT), skeletal and Victorian inspired, The Hemi-Ballistic
Electric Ensemble.

22.00-22.30: Paul Granjon (WAL), Love and The Machine, Live Art
performance. Award winning artist, Paul Granjon (WAL) of Z-lab productions
performance âАЬLove and the MachineâАЭ, which draws on his
self-made robots
are failed creations and misshaped techno-love-adventures.

22.45-23.30; Sturqen (PT), Concert performance
Young Portuguese duo Sturqen hot from their recent Qwartz Awards in Paris
will feed your brain and take it to a new level with the intense and
powerful analog concert performance.

Exhibition free.
Workshop: âВ¬25. Book in advance as places are limited.
Teresa.Dillon at polarproduce.org

Night programme includes talks, live art and sound performances:
âВ¬12 on
the door. Available from 12.00 on 28 May at Block T, 1-6 Haymarket,
Smithfield, Dublin 7. Come early to avoid disappointment.


Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=187278317986576
Twitter: http://twitter.com/PolarProduce

UM is supported by:
Polar Produce, Block T with funding from Italian Cultural Institute

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