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Thu May 5 09:49:29 IST 2011

Hello all,
The cross community/user groups team that brought you the quiz for
Techies that Wanna Read Real Good and Do Other Stuff Real Good Too are
running another event.
A code retreat. Details below.

Website http://codingday.org/
Time and place:
Saturday the 28th of May 12pm to 6pm
Science Gallery

At coding day HQ we will be launching our first (of many) code
retreat. For those unfamiliar with a code retreat, it’s a hack day
with a focus, the angle placed solidly on solving interesting
technical problems.
For the inaugrual code retreat the focus will be on scientific related
problems. More details on these will follow, so follow look out
#coderetreatdub hashtag on twitter and updates to the blog here.
How the code retreat will work:
On the event itself a hacker will be paired up with some from science
background where possible with suggested problems to solve, however,
before the event itself we will have some problems listed that
hackers/scientists can work on.
You can pair up with someone before the event or on the event itself.
On the day itself just bring your laptops along and a fun attitude, if
you have any interesting problems please bring them along also.
The event is open to all skill levels, there will be more experienced
coders there on the day to help out, in terms of the languages and
development there will be people the following skills:

- Ruby
- Python
- C#
- Java

The goals of the coding retreat are to work with others & and learn
how to solve interesting science-y problems.
We need some help with this as it’s our first time running this, so we
are looking for you to get the word out and get some scientists or
engineers involved. So please Tweet a link to this post to encourage
more scientists to get involved.
Thanks to the Science Galley for hosting this event. And to the
organizers of all the user groups involved

Jeffrey Roe,

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