[tog] Saturday Dinner/BBQ

Schrodinger schrodinger at konundrum.org
Sat Jun 4 15:04:31 IST 2011

On 2011/06/04 10:44, Robert Fitzsimons wrote:
> In case you missed it on the blog we're having a Dinner/BBQ on Saturday
> to celebrate the one year anniversary of moving into Chancery Lane.


Get your glad rags on!!!! It's partyin' time!

> We'll try and start about 6pm.  More details of the activity are included
> in the blog post. http://www.tog.ie/2011/05/social-projects-fund/
> I'm going to arrange to bulk buy food for a BBQ, if you'd like in just
> reply to this email.  Otherwise feel free to bring some food for
> yourself.

Also bring your goodselves, friends, enemies, vagrants, aliens, clones,
animals (maybe not) and (who|what)ever else you feel appropriate.

Come to TOG 2.0's anniversary. Eat our food, drink your booze, decorate
our walls, talk to our good Toglodytes and most of all enjoy the night.

See everyone there.


> Robert
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