[tog] keysigning party anyone?

Schrodinger schrodinger at konundrum.org
Thu Dec 29 12:05:24 GMT 2011

On 2011/12/29 11:02, Armin Haas wrote:
> Everybody sets their own standards as to what id would be sufficient to sign a key. Having 
> said that, I would *not* sign your key if your id was a drivers license or a library card, 
> student id card, credit card, health insurance card, age card, supermarket customer card etc.
> I would accept a passport as id, provided the photo looks reasonably simmilar to what you 
> look like the moment we meet. If you have a US drivers license, you probably also have a 
> passport.

Some good reference documents for running a key signing party.



Sepcifically the signing policy. It should state that it's up to the
attendees to trust the proof of identity for each other attendee.

I've had problems in the past with people barely willing to communicate
with me becase my key is 1024 DSA from 2004, which reminds me....

Off to generate a new key pair and deal with the fall out :(

Armin, I've _very_ interested to organise this signing party. It's been
on Todo list for about two years now. If you're around Tog this evening
for No Nerd Left Behind remind me we have to have a discussion.

It would be great if anyone else who is interested would come along too.
Provisionally say Tog, 19:00(ish) I can't make it until then, work.

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