[tog] keysigning party anyone?

Schrodinger schrodinger at konundrum.org
Wed Dec 28 16:12:59 GMT 2011

On 2011/12/28 16:08, Armin Haas wrote:
> Hey,
> I wonder if we could have a keysigning party at TOG in january. I would 
> volunteer to organise it, provided a full member would do the 'membery' 
> tasks like opening and closing the space.
> Any views on that?


Always wanted to run one but I just don't think enough people are
interested in privay and encryption, at least not unless it's completely
seemless and doesn't get in the way of emailing each other pictures of

I've done the odd workshop on using GnuPG and http://dublin.2600.ie/ had
like a mini signing one night between a few of us and then I had a
signing meet up with another person.

You get my full support anyway!


> Greetings
> Armin

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