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Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Fri Dec 23 10:56:13 GMT 2011

Hi all,

A friend passed on this message. TV Company looking for "computer
hackers". ☺ But, sure if anyone wants to help them out. Contact details
are claire.cahill at twofour.co.uk

> I work for Twofour; an award-winning production company with a range
> of recent TV credits from Harry’s Artic Heroes, a documentary series 
> following Prince Harry in the North Pole for BBC 1 to Educating
> Essex, a ground-breaking new fixed-rig documentary set in a school,
> on Channel 4. I spoke to a member of the press team earlier today and
> was advised to send through all the details of my request. 
> We are currently developing a new series for Channel 4, 8pm called 
> Scambusters that will endeavour to level out the playing field  in
> the big bad world of consumers scams. Victims of everything from
> commercial misinformation to identity fraud, we are more vulnerable
> than ever and with the complexities of the internet this doesn’t look
> like it’s going to change any time soon.  This series will combine
> the journalism of Watchdog and the fun of The Real Hustle and will be
> fronted by a crack team of 3 on-screen experts who will aim to guide
> our trusting public to safety.
> We are looking for computer experts/hackers who will week-on-week
> show the audience just how easy it is for scammers to get your
> details online.  We are looking for a person with extensive knowledge
> of the online world and with ability to confidently advise us what
> we should/shouldn’t be doing, and how to protect ourselves against
> online scammers. Ultimately the aim of the program is to arm our
> audiences with the knowledge and confidence to fight these scammers
> on their own.  I was wondering if you could forward this email on to
> any current/previous students that might be interested in
> participating as our on-screen hacking expert. This is a fantastic
> opportunity for someone with on screen ambitions, extensive online
> knowledge, and is looking to educate people about protecting
> themselves in an online environment.


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