[tog] Lightening Talks: Thursday from 7pm

Martin Mitchell jester.ie at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 21:00:29 IST 2011

So on Thursday we are having our series of Lightening Talks from 7pm as
advertised here:

But what we forgot to mention is that we are open to people outside of TOG
to speak too. So can you please let me know if you have something that you
would like to speak about for 5-10minutes and be able to take a few
questions afterwards. You can just walk in on the night but if you tell me
before hand, I can advertise your talk on Thursday :-)

So far the line up is the following:

Julie - Making your first open-source contribution
Christian - 3D printing
Richie - Implanted magnets
Martin - Lock picking overview
Rob - CCC/R0ket badge (Conference badge from CCCamp2011)

Any questions let me know.


Dublin Hackerspace

Blog; http://www.tog.ie
Events: http://www.tog.ie/events/
Location: http://www.tog.ie/location/
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