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Ben Chapman Ben at dismiz.com
Mon Aug 15 13:11:37 IST 2011


Thanks for all the responses and feedback. The original idea was to
customise the distro from stock Ubuntu so we could include a few things,
such as subversion and a LAMP stack, "off the shelf". That said, it may be a
good exercise to get the kids to install it themselves (just something
simple like XAMPP) so the process is familiar to them when they need to do
it themselves. The issue with a CD is that they would have to do that every
week (if we did multiple weeks of PHP for example), which can be a bit time
consuming depending on how we have it setup.

Ben from Coder Dojo Dublin

On 15 August 2011 12:11, John P. Looney <valen at tuatha.org> wrote:

>  Ben, did you need to customise the USB key distros from stock ubuntu ?
> Would it be cheaper to burn the disk image onto blank CDs instead ?
>  It's worth mentioning that there may be kids there with no laptops; so if
> people intended coming from the day to soak up the atmosphere & help as a
> teaching assistant that you could *loan* an old laptop out for the day. But
> letting the organisers know that you had something to loan would be great.
> John
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