[tog] Fwd: Details of how to get to CCC camp needed!

Justin Kelly justinkelly at justinkelly.net
Sun Aug 7 19:28:00 IST 2011

I just found a bus/tram map for Eberswalde. There's a bus stop on the 
left marked Finowfurt.

Hope it helps.


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Subject: Details of how to get to CCC camp needed!
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2011 16:09:36 +0100
 From: Kevin Chen <prisoner2600 at gmail.com>
To: Justin Kelly <justinkelly at justinkelly.net>

Hi Justin,

How are you. I'm going to CCC Camp next week. And I'm checking the
camp wiki for how to get there.

It has mentioned "From the respective airport you need to take the
train/bus to the City, then a train to "Eberswalde" and finally cover
the last 10km by taxi or bus."

I wonder does that mean, I need to take train to Alexsandplatez 1st.
Then take another train to Eberswalde?  or Any other easy way to get
there ? Thanks!


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