[tog] Museums and Makers Inspiring Each Other

Jeffrey Roe tdr112 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 20:03:46 CET 2018

Hello all,

On Tuesday 6th March 6 - 8pm, we are teaming up with the Chester
Beatty Library, to put on a night that gives makers and museums people
a chance to learn from each other. The night in the library, will be
filled with a mix of makers from the local community and people from
the arts, sciences and cultural sectors. We will be looking at how
museums can provide inspiration for creativity and finding ways local
maker communities can be embed in the museum's public programmes.

For Booking visit ->

This event is facilitated by Don Undeen of BoomHiFive, Georgetown
University Maker Hub, Jenny Siung Head of Education Chester Beatty
Library and our own Jeffrey Roe. This event is part of the Making
Museum project, an 18-month EU-funded training initiative (Erasmus+
20172019) exploring how museum staff can up-skill in creativity,
innovation, creative collaborations with local maker communities, and
embed these ideas in their public programmes for audiences.

Jeffrey Roe,

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