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I have used variously DFRobot, OSHpark and PCBgogo.
Results from all have been good. OSHpark are comparatively expensive, and
don't accept Gerber format.
PCBgogo and DFrobot are cheaper, PCBgogo slightly more so. Both only accept
Gerbers, so if you are using someone else's design files, you may need to
convert them.
PCBgogo offer different colour solder mask for no extra cost.
Both offer free point-to-point testing.
Shipping times can be long.
I have heard good things about AllPCB. They do 10x 50mm x 50xx with 3 day
shipping by DHL for less than $20. I haven't used them yet though, so can't
say anything more than what I have heard.
/ Gerry

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> What PCB manufacturer do people @ tog use?
> What is the cost and what PCB software do you use?
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> Paul McQuade
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