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Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Fri Feb 9 13:38:03 CET 2018

In terms of PCB software eagle is popular with makers and free for small
boards. There is lots of files and samples online


It is not open source.

Rob uses an open source package, all open source packages have quirks and
problem, no one has shone ahead.


If you have never designed a PCB before I would recommend to get someone to
do it for you/help using their preferred package.

In terms of manufacturing PCBs we have made our own. Irishish is PCB pool


If you want lower cost there is


Turnaround time is the main cost factor.

If you need complicated components mounted, that is an additional task.
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> What PCB manufacturer do people @ tog use?
> What is the cost and what PCB software do you use?
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