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Mike P. O'Keeffe mikepokeeffe at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 13:31:32 CET 2018

Hey Paul,

For small quantities, I use PCBWay.com. They're Chinese and deliver in 4-5
days. Their prices are roughly €60 - €70 for 10 off of 100mm x 80mm PCB.
Going above this value, you will get customs added to the cost.
Alternatively, I also use EuroCircuits.com. They're Belgian, but I believe
their PCB's are made in eastern europe. For the same board, it would cost
roughly €130. You can get them as soon as 2 day turnaround up to 10day
turnaround and more. You can choose how quick you want them, but you will
pay for them.
There's also Beta Layout (PCB Pool).

Eurocircuits have a lovely online tool to verify your uploaded Gerbers. I
often use their site and then order from someone else.

With regards the PCB Software, I'm currently using Eagle. Autodesk recently
bought them over and they've been adding in some very useful functionality
over the last while.
I've used RS Designspark previously, which is alright, but Eagle is better.


On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 12:16 PM, Paul Mc Quade via tog <tog at lists.tog.ie>

> What PCB manufacturer do people @ tog use?
> What is the cost and what PCB software do you use?
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> Regards,
> Paul McQuade
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