[tog] Intro to TOG and Android Dev Job

Rory Byrne rory at secfirst.org
Thu Sep 29 15:06:31 CEST 2016

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone here. I've been part of
similar spaces in London for awhile and our organisation, Security First (
www.secfirst.org), does a lot of work in the area of training
NGOs/activists/journalists in digital and physical security. I'm in the
process of moving back to Dublin, so looking forward to getting to know
some of the people in the hackerspace scene here.

Just wanted to plug two things which might be of interest. First, we build
an open source Android mobile app called Umbrella, which has a ton of
digital and physical lessons for people at risk:

Google Play Store:

F-Droid Repo:
F-Droid Fingerprint:

Github Repo:

Also, we are looking to expand out our team on this project by hiring an
Android Developer here in Dublin. If anyone is interested, please feel free
to take a look at the spec:

Thanks and look forward to meeting some of you!

rory at secfirst.org
Twitter: @_SecurityFirst
PGP: 2C1D3B4D (3354 4E0E 69FB 21A1 1D66  1763 FFB9 B5BE 2C1D 3B4D)

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