[tog] Nichrome wire

Gary Cooke garycookex at eircom.net
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yes, go for it. 

Use a variable power supply to see what you need. Typically you need just a few volts but relatively high current......a few amps. Depends on the wire thickness. Bit of trial and error. 

Is guitar wire stainless? Trouble with ordinary wire is that its resistance changes too much with temp and so hard to control. Nichrome doesn't change resistance much I think. 

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Mike says I can use electric guitar wire, and it seems a popular solution. I may pop down later and swap out the iron wire for something more musical :-) 
thanks everyone! 


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I made a hot wire cutter. Its hanging in the workshop. Didn't have nichrome wire tho. Just plain iron stuff. Not ideal, but worked. 


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Does anyone know where I could pick up some Nichrome wire in store in Dublin / City Centre? 

I want to make a hot wire cutter for Tog 


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