[tog] Hi there! Would be interested in (aluminium) milling, lathing and what else you can do with it..

raph schob Raphi.Schobi at gmx.at
Thu Mar 20 15:44:31 GMT 2014


Thanks for your answer.
Basically I would just need to hollow out an aluminium block, drill some holes into it and cut some threads and build a lid for that box.
Then if possible shape/finish/polish the outside.
I also thought about trying the other way, printing it or casting it, but that sounds like more work than drilling holes..

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Betreff: Re: [tog] Hi there! Would be interested in (aluminium) milling, lathing and what else you can do with it..
I don't think our CNC is working at the moment. That item looks like
it is milled aluminium. We do not have a lathe. There are various
tools and you could probably build something similar without using a
CNC. We have a bench drill which might make some of the cuts. If you
have detailed specifications of your items/products then we could look
at how they could be achieved with what we have available.


On 18/03/2014, Raphi Schobi <raphi.schobi at gmx.at> wrote:
> My name is Raphael, or rafa in short. Today I joined the crafting night
> for a short while to see how TOG looks like inside :)
> I met a few friendly people and got shown around the place, thanks for
> the hospitality!
> I wondered, if and when it would be possible to meet someone who could
> show me around and explain the tools in a bit more detail concerning
> "steel working".
> In specific, I would like to produce a box like attached.
> It would be great if I could get the chance to drop by again and chat to
> you!
> Thanks,
> rafa
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