[tog] Talk Thursday night in T-cube on Protecting Digital Rights

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Wed Apr 23 11:57:08 IST 2014

"Digital Dublin: Why data protection matters here"

to book;

"In March 2014, the European Parliament voted to approve legislation that
could have a profound impact on the way Internet companies use European
citizens’ personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation, which is
yet to be approved by the Council of Ministers, would put in place common
data privacy standards across the EU.
In the context of ongoing debates over surveillance and personal data, Jan
Philipp Albrecht will discuss the EU’s response to some of the most
significant challenges of the digital age.
*About the Speaker:*
Jan Philipp Albrecht has been the European Parliament’s chief negotiator
for the General Data Protection Regulation since April 2012. He has been a
Member of the European Parliament since 2009, when he was elected from the
German Green Party. Mr. Albrecht studied law in Bremen, Brussels and Berlin
and worked for the Walter-Hallstein Institut in Berlin.
He graduated in ICT-law at the Universities of Hanover and Oslo in 2009,
specialising in civil rights, data protection and democracy."

*"If you can’t make it, or are not lucky enough to get a ticket, see the
action on live-stream."*
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