[tog] Coder night - Thursday 7pm

Tom Salmon tom at tomsalmon.com
Wed Apr 9 14:41:15 IST 2014

For Coder night on Thursday there will be continuation of The Eudyptula Challenge, some GPG key signing and hacking various bits of Python, Java, Perl etc.

The first part of The Eudyptula Challenge is the “Hello World” of Linux Kernel hacking. It's a fairly simple introduction which should be trivial to anyone familiar with basic C and Linux skills. If interested please sign-up beforehand to the online tutorial:

Coder night is a hands-on regular event where several of us work on various coding projects. There will be no teacher led tutorials, however many of us are experienced with several different languages and systems, and may be able to help out where we can.

Please bring a laptop. Failure to do so will require the use of punch cards.


Tom Salmon 


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