[tog] Stuffcon: a hardware demo-day/pitch in Dublin

Kevin Loaec kevin.loaec at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 13:21:26 IST 2014

Hi guys,

I'm usually more a lurker than a spammer, but this will be an exception :)

I'm one of the guy running the Hackers/Founders, and also run a Bitcoin
hardware startup in Dublin.

With Alex, co-founder of the startup, we were a bit frustrated by the total
lack of startup demo and pitch day for hardware projects, so we created
one, the StuffCon. (It's basically the investor-pitch version of

If you have a product (doesn't have to be electronics, just need to be
physical stuff) at proof-of-concept or prototype phase and you would like
to show it and get feedback from the public, you should come for the Demo
If you wish to go a step further and do a pitch/presentation in front of
investors and media, we also have that (but it's optional, of course).

Here is a draft of the agenda:
Firday, 9th of May,
-4pm: opening of the pitch session
-6pm: opening to the public for the demo session (each exhibitor gets his
table, the public will walk around, try, ask questions...)
-9pm: we go in a pub for drinks.

We already have a few startups signed in, including ours, but I believe the
TOG might have interesting stuff to show even if it's early stage projects
or things you don't want/know how to monetize.

If you have any question, please contact us at hello at stuffcon.com

As ever, do not reply to the TOG list or I will have problems,

Hack hard,

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