[tog] Project Update: Tog Terminal

Sean Nicholls seannicholls at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 01:09:18 IST 2013

The terminal project is coming along nicely, the stand is now complete with an adjustable angle (vertical & horizontal) VESA mount.

It is now situated beside the couch, near the entrance so that newcomers will be able to use it without much fuss, or getting in the way. See the photo below.

I’ll be in the space tomorrow from 1pm working on the interface, if anyone would like to offer suggestions or lend a hand. Its set up to automatically boot into a Chromium (Chrome) browser in incognito mode and load a URL by default.

My plan is to make a web page the has all the features we want which is loaded locally. Guests can then navigate the options using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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