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Peter Geoghegan peter.geoghegan86 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 23:32:09 IST 2013


I'm Peter Geoghegan - a Postgres backend developer, and pretty active
member of the Postgres community. Some of you might remember me from
the 2600 meets, that I used to go to a few years ago.

This year, the annual Postgres conference for Europe, pgConf.EU, is
set to be held in Dublin. I am an organizer of this event - I'm doing
this in a volunteer capacity (i.e. we have some sponsors, but no
organiser is paid, and the funds raised are managed by a European
non-profit group called Postgres Europe).

The conference website is: http://2013.pgconf.eu

It's taking place in the Conrad, so it's very accessible.

I'm from Dublin, so I have a special interest in seeing that the
conference is a success. The "local contingent" are likely to be very
important here, as always. I really want to get the word out. I knew
to get in touch with TOG, but maybe I've missed something else -
should I publicise this somewhere else, too?

The conference is very reasonably priced. If you consider that you're
getting food and drinks (including lunch) throughout the day included
in the cost, from the Conrad, the price is really remarkably low -
it's totally subsidised by sponsors, while still being a distinctly
community event. More importantly, it's very good value for money for
those interested - if you're interested in Postgres or Databases to
any degree, you will definitely come away having learned a lot. The
conference is supposed to be friendly to both hackers and business
people. There will be a couple of parties too, and they tend to be
good fun, with free drinks provided by sponsors.

If you attend you can get to chat directly with people that are
personally working on improving Postgres in the areas they're
discussing. On the other hand, many of the talks are aimed at
application developers and DBAs with perhaps only a casual interest.
It's a friendly crowd. Because the conference is fairly large (3 days
of talks + 1 day of training), there is content to suit users at all
levels (we specifically indicate a "level" in the talk description).

Last year, the same event was held in Prague over 4 days, where it
attracted 300 attendees, many of which came from all over Europe, and
some from as far away as the US and Japan too. I'm hoping that we can
break that record this year!

Peter Geoghegan

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