[tog] Looking for a surplus Cherry MX-compatible keyboard

Ben Sunshine-Hill sneftel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 16:27:09 GMT 2013

Does anyone have a broken, retired, or otherwise unwanted keyboard with
Cherry MX-compatible keycaps they’d be willing to sell? My latest project
is making a custom ergonomic keyboard, and I’d like to find salvaged
keycaps if possible.

Common keyboards that would work:
 * Any keyboard whose model number starts with G80 or G81 (these are mostly
old-style grey/beige things with PS/2 plugs)
 * Das Keyboard
 * Filco Majestouch
 * BBC Master 128
 * Amiga 1000
 * Razer BlackWidow
 * Most Wyse keyboards
 * Corsair Vengeance K90


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