[tog] Open-Source Night, Wed 16th (October edition!)

Julie Pichon julie.pichon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 18:44:04 IST 2013

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening is open-source night in Tog! The event
will start from 7pm, with doors opening 15 minutes before that.

Like the past couple of months, there won't be any talks. Bring a
laptop to get things done, or plenty of patience if you plan on coming
empty-handed to focus on helping out as a mentor :) As a reminder, the
goal of this event is to bring together experienced contributors
together with newcomers, so that people have someone to ask questions
to if they get stuck, etc.

It's still pretty self-directed though. If you're not quite sure what
you'd like to work on, I encourage you to have a browse through
OpenHatch.org and find something that strikes your interest, or think
of a project you'd like to give back to.

All levels and all types of contributions are welcome. I look forward
to seeing you there!

Able and happy to help with OpenStack, a few Gnome projects, "how to
get started contributing" in general and Python programming :-)

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