[tog] potential coder meet-up group?

Aoife Hughes aoife.nicaodh at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 23:56:48 IST 2013

On 12 October 2013 13:36, Schrodinger <schrodinger at konundrum.org> wrote:

> I'm not much of a full time coder, mostly hacking scripts together in
> Perl|Bash|SH|(g?)AWK I might show people some awk. AWK is a lot more
> than just one liners to replace `cut` ;)

I'm a firm believer that if you haven't used exec() in awk, you haven't
lived. :P Also, at some point in the future I want to do a shell scripting
workshop. Bash and friends (and I count awk and sed among them) are
amazingly powerful when you want to get results quickly without resorting
to a script.
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