[tog] potential coder meet-up group?

Richie richie at netsoc.tcd.ie
Fri Oct 11 23:37:33 IST 2013

On 11/10/13 11:48, Aoife Hughes wrote:
> I can second the recommendations for the OSS night.
> Currently, I don't have a laptop to work on my personal projects in the
> space, but I do still go to the nights and float around in case anyone
> wants a sounding board for what they're trying to do, or need some help
> with programming or the like.
> I love hearing about people's projects, and like to try and help. I'm good
> with python, general unixy stuff, and some moderate shell scripting
> (although I'm not going to write a json parser in bash any time soon). And
> I have some basic experience with c and perl.
> So yeah, I'm happy to help out at OSS nights if you need me.
> Aoife

There's a spare laptop in the space, IIRC. So if you want to bring a USB
key and help yourself, I doubt anyone would have a problem...

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