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I've done some number crunching and although its already pretty good value, I think we should support students as much as possible so for students only there is the following discount code:


this gives students a full 20% off the regular price of a ticket, saving 20 Euro.



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> Hi Sean,
> Looks very interesting, a bit expensive though. Is there any discount available for students?
> Conor
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> a one day security event, Saturday 16th November. Tickets Available Now.
> Security Saturday is a one-day event where security experts and hobbyists get together to teach, learn and discuss a myriad of topics related to security. From picking locks to hacking wireless routers and getting started hacking RFID tags.
> Anyone interested in security as a hobby or professional should get something out of it.
> The only prerequisite is a laptop and an open mind. All talks and workshops will assume no prior knowledge and will start with first principles.
> All tickets come with a Starter Kit to get you started hacking, picking and more. Early bird tickets will get a special bonus of an *Electronic hotel door opener, and are in very limited supply, so act fast!
> Starter Kit
> *5 piece lock pick set
> Tog T-Shirt
> DVD of learning materials
> Schedule
> Welcome
> Introduce speakers, event schedule etc. (presentation)
> Distribute Starter Kits
> Lock Picking
> Introduction to physical security (presentation)
> Lock Picking workshop
> Wireless Hacking
> Introduction to wireless security (presentation)
> Wireless hacking workshop
> Electronic Access control and RFID
> Magnetic Swipe Card principles and security (presentation)
> Radio Frequency (RFID) access control and payment systems (presentation)
> Tickets are in limited supply, you can reserve yours at SecuritySaturday.com

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