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Félix Ramon feliz.ramon at ymail.com
Thu Nov 21 18:13:58 GMT 2013

I'm the sleepy french boy who was at the meeting yesterday, I am on the IRC
of TOG as FelixAsNick.
I spoke to Julie about my wish to organise a kind of round table time in
TOG, that will be related to installations I show now in MoxieStudio.

I want to know if it's can be possible to do that ?
and to know the disponibility ?
That would be fantastic to do that *the 6th december from 19h to 23h*

The speech of the round table would be :


Let's speak about our new pet, the computer.

*It's open to everyone / **Don't forget to take your laptop with you
(extremely important) !*

When complexifying a system, one loses some margin. Sounds that seem
familiar suddenly sound as an alert. Everything becomes blurred.
Insofar as we spend our life untying knots, we have to adapt and to choose
between the fly, the spider and the lizard in order to evolve in this maze.
Indeed, one has to keep in mind that the net is a trap.

During this round table time, we will try to determine which kind of way of
life is offered by internet and observe the conflict that is generated in
contact to our traditions. We have to define some odd acronymes and to have
a look on the "New World Order" based on Up-to-date. At last, we'll try to
find together a good plinth to live in our society.

I will come tomorrow night for the Mozilla time.
Answer me as soon as possible,
Thanks a lot,

*Félix Ramon*
*http://www.felixramon.net <http://www.felixramon.net>*
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