[tog] 21" Trinitron CRT for Arcade cabinet?

Cian Masterson cian.masterson at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 10:32:08 GMT 2013

Hey Folks,

Some kindly folks at TOG donated a Trinitron 21ag107 monitor to me last
year for an arcade cabinet I was building.  I ended up making a desktop
cabinet instead of a full-size one for cost/transport reasons, so I didn't
use the monitor in the end and it's now looking for a new home.

I'm given to understand that this monitor is ideal for arcade cabinets
because it supports the crazy resolutions that many older games originally
ran in, hence why I'm throwing it up on TOG first as someone here may be
working on a project like mine.  There's a crack in the plastic at the
front, as you can see from the attached photo, but it works fine.

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