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Domhnall Walsh domhnall at 091labs.com
Fri Nov 8 10:06:00 GMT 2013

Hi Dave:

My gf and I bumped into yourself and Sian (sp?) at Electric Picnic last
year. Very nice setup you two had!!! Good to see you looking into getting
into a hackerspace, it's only been, what, 14 months since I suggested the
idea to you? :p


On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 4:48 PM, Dave Clarke <dave.p.clarke at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Just joined this mailing list this week, and planning on coming along to
> the coder night tonight. I thought I'd introduce myself before coming along.
> I have a degree in physics and currently doing a PhD in computer science,
> and also lecturing and teaching programming in UCD.
> I got an Arduino for christmas almost 2 years ago, and it sat idle for 6
> months. Then got the idea of making 2 LED light suits for Electric Picnic
> (mark I). I hadn't done any soldering at all before this. It was such a
> success I made 6 more (mark II) for going as performers to festivals this
> summer.
> There is a few photos here:
> https://www.facebook.com/LEDFantastic/photos_stream
> It's fully interactive (rotary encoders & pressure sensors), and powered
> by Arduino compatable controller (Teensy3). If you are interested, I'll
> bring it along tonight and give a demo. Can also show you the code that
> runs it all if you like.
> I program in C, C++ (and arduino), Python, Ruby, and happy to help out.
> See you then,
> Dave
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