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Stefan Krister stefan.krister at creative.chaos.de
Wed Nov 6 17:07:48 GMT 2013

Hi Conor,

Am 06.11.2013 15:34, schrieb Conor McCarthy:
> Can anyone recommend a printer to get started with 3d printing?

this summer I did weeks of research. At the end I decided to get a
Mendel90 kit from nophead in Manchester. The price of the kit is £499,
plus VAT in the EU, plus shipping.

It is the best documented, most open source hardware I've ever seen.
Everything is at github. Drawings, BOM, manual ... everything.

Chris did months of improving the kit and does it still. It took me 33h
to put it together and now it prints amazing things. You could take a
look into my gallery here: http://gallery.port23.de/v/bastard/3ddrucker/

Chris' blog is here: http://hydraraptor.blogspot.de/
More details here: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?94,196585

I also wrote a building blog - unfortunately in German, but there are
pictures too: http://blog.port23.de/index.php/bastard



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