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gerryk gerryk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 10:51:15 GMT 2013

Hi all...
I am a member of both 091 Labs, and the Galway VHF Group Radio Amateur's
club. Next April, the Irish Radio Transmitter's Society, the representative
body for Radio Amateurs in Ireland, will be having their AGM in the
Westwood Hotel in Galway, hosetd by the Galway VHF Group.
We have invited 091 Labs to take a table at the public open day & rally,
and would like to extend the same invitation to TOG. The purpose of taking
a table would be to introduce yourselves to the public, talk about, and
demonstrate, what it is you, and more generally hacker and makerspaces are
all about, and hopefully grow your membership and expand general public
I hope you will join us.


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