[tog] projects from the hackathons - starting in earnest in the morning

Willow Brugh willow.bl00 at gwob.org
Fri Nov 1 21:52:02 GMT 2013

We’re in your amazing space, gathered around the long table. We’ve gotten
tours of the space, and pet the rubber duckies, and sorted the wifi
password. After introductions, we discussed potential projects, and then
broke into groups to discuss each, cycling twice to make sure we each had a
good grasp of possibility. The projects that have fallen out of that
project are as follows:

*Black Hole* – detect where standard data flows have dropped drastically,
indicating a potential issue.

*Shelter* – no tech! only building!

*Distributed Files* – via mesh in disaster situations.

*Device Finder* – hardware project to hear pings from devices trapped in

*Where’s Wally* – shared map for search and rescue, for better logistics.

Now to more braining, and possibly to 2600!
Willow Brugh
program director, Geeks Without Bounds <http://gwob.org/>
schedule a meeting with me <http://meetme.so/gwoborg>
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