[tog] GaelHack: Early bird price ends tomorrow

Martin Mitchell jester.ie at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 13:54:25 GMT 2013

Some of you may have heard of Ireland's first
hacker/maker/science/engineering/artist/crafter camping/hostel conference
some of us in TOG are helping at this year. It's only now I realize I
forgot to SPAM this out to the TOG list a few weeks ago, sorry about that.

To bring yourself up to speed, have a look at
http://gaelhack.hackerspaces.ie/ (wiki on the way)

We have to end the early bird prices eventually, so the cut off will be
tommorrow night. Tickets will go from 80EURO to 90 EURO so register now to
avail of the discounted price. With over 20 people currently registered, it
is looking great so far.

Also please join the GaelHack mailing list to keep an eye on GaelHack
progress, as we don't want to be spamming this list too much.



Dublin Hackerspace

Blog; http://www.tog.ie
Events: http://www.tog.ie/events/
Location: http://www.tog.ie/location/
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