[tog] Getting tickets for Gaelhack?

Schrodinger schrodinger at konundrum.org
Fri Mar 1 16:51:35 GMT 2013

On 2013/03/01 12:02, Robert Lawson wrote:
> Is there an online signup for Gaelhack? I notice, also, that the
> hackerspaces site to sign up for their mailing list apparently has
> certificate issues (a bit ironic, no?). Alternately I can just come by
> and sign up in person if that's better.

Ironic ?

Which site are you referencing ? Just to be sure.

https://lists.hackerspaces.ie/mailman/listinfo ?

Your certificate issue could be due to a number of reasons but without
futher information I can only deduce what it could be. I am guessing you
don't bother to support the following community based certificate


tog.ie and associated websites hosted on this box avail of this free
signing service since we're not made of money and can't afford to pay
the extortionate prices that enterprise certificate authorities charge.

I somewhat have an affinity for SSL and certificates, X509 and
unfortunately sometimes ASN.1 so I have dealt with this a lot.

Right now TOG and we admins cannot afford to busk for enough shiny gold
coins to purchase a wildcard certificate for domains :

 - tog.ie
 - hackerspces.ie

Thankfully cacert.org allows us to not only use a wildcard certificate in
the X509 Subject's Common Name but we can place other wildcards and DNS
Names into the X509 Subject Alternative Name allowing a single
certificate to provide authentication for multiple virtual hosts served
from this piece of tin.

I have dealt with enterprise certificate authorities that say that a
wildcard in the Subject CN AND in the Subject Alternative name "is not
possible" But then again what would I know ..........

/me waits for the impending "The Internet CA structure is broken" wibble

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