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Sat Jul 13 10:52:58 IST 2013

I've e-mailed this out to the CoderDojo list, but it might be of interest
to the hackerspace / makerspace guys.

No doubt you're more advanced than this, but free is free. And an e-mail
list if sadly forever.

Take care,

A free MMO that might be of use to the parents and the kids; security
The exam / certification is extra but the coursework is interesting


Charles Sturt University is hosting a free six-week online training course
to help students prepare for the Certified Information Systems Security
Professional certification.

Its just the course.

The downside for the UK and Ireland, while the lectures are around
lunchtime, its lunchtime in Australia, so 1am to 3am approximately. The
hours are better in the US.

This is not going to be easy stuff, but, for the older kids, having CISSP
knowledge is going to be useful. Expect maybe for week 3, which covers the
legal framework, which is different in every country.

Expect to hear opinions of the CISSP, just keep the noise levels down.

May be a waste of time for those who have practice in the area, but might
serve as a useful introduction to security for some of the mentors and some
of the kids.

take care,
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