[tog] Google: Create A Native Linux Google Drive Application

Martín Ferrari tincho at tincho.org
Tue Jul 9 15:06:28 IST 2013

On 06/07/13 17:39, Schrodinger wrote:

> Running your own mail server is a topic some of the members in Tog have
> asked me to run, but I'm also lazy ;) One of the Tog members is working
> on that problem.

I have been working on that for a few months. I have collected a lot of
data, but didn't get the time to write all the posts, I mean to do it
Real Soon Now™ :)

Meanwhile, I can share the first two:
* http://blog.tincho.org/posts/Moving_my_stuff_away_from_home/
* http://blog.tincho.org/posts/Setting_up_my_server:_netfilter/

Martín Ferrari

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