[tog] Cleanup, new flooring and lots more projects.

Schrodinger schrodinger at konundrum.org
Mon Jul 1 11:11:15 IST 2013

On 2013/07/01 10:59, Sean Nicholls wrote:
> Here's my back of the napkin solution:
> we start tracking the open times for a month or so, then run a historical analysis on the times which are most likely open. 
> Then we can provide a heat map of most likely open times to indicate the probability of it remaining open at any given time.
> More events is a always good idea and is regularly suggested, but the above is something that can be done readily without a need for an organised effort.

The tog.ie server keeps a log of when the site is updated. So graphing
this shouldn't be difficult. I'll look at doing it this weekend.

There are a number of graphs I would like to publish to the website and
I just haven't gotten around to it but in general I think it would show
the activity of the space.

Simple things:

 - Internet usage
 - Temperature of the space
 - Open/Close times
 - Number of messages in #tog on FreeNode

Nothing personally identifiable.

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