[tog] Cleanup, new flooring and lots more projects.

Sean Nicholls seannicholls at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 10:59:21 IST 2013

Here's my back of the napkin solution:

we start tracking the open times for a month or so, then run a historical analysis on the times which are most likely open. 
Then we can provide a heat map of most likely open times to indicate the probability of it remaining open at any given time.

More events is a always good idea and is regularly suggested, but the above is something that can be done readily without a need for an organised effort.

Just a thought.


On 1 Jul 2013, at 10:52, Thomas Geraghty <thethomaseffect at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Christian,
> I thought I'd add my own 2 cents in the hope it might be helpful. The
> space is already a pretty welcoming place and the people there are
> wonderful. For me, the problem is opening hours. It takes me roughly
> 45 mins to get to the space. When I leave, the website might say open
> but it's probable that could change during those 45 mins. The actual
> reality of things doesn't matter, it's the thought of that happening
> that leads to me staying and hacking at home. I'm not sure if the
> space historically had problems with giving access to too many members
> but I think the primary problem is there's too much time where nobody
> is in the space. 091labs in Galway always has someone floating around
> so it really feels like you're welcome at any time to come in and get
> some work done. When I moved to Dublin, I spent a frustrating weekend
> constantly checking IRC and the site status to see if it was open. If
> the problem is that people are busy and only show up to events, then
> we can fix that with more events! I already mentioned my willingness
> to do programming classes and that still stands.
> For politeness, here's a TL;DR :)
> ISSUE: Space isn't open consistently enough outside events.
> CONSEQUENCE: Potential members give up trying to find a time when the
> space is open.
> SOLUTION: More events, or a more conscious effort from those who have
> free time during the day or weekends to make sure the space has at
> least one key-holding member present.
> Feel free to ignore all of this, just trying to provide insight from
> someone who's only visited the space once :)
> Thomas
> On 30 June 2013 20:16, Christian Kortenhorst <namit at namit.org> wrote:
>> Hi Tog members, followers and others.
>> You may or may not have been in tog for some time but we have been making a massive push to make the space more inviting to people to come hangout and work on projects over the past 2 week we have tidied up a lot in the space and would love you to visit and take part.
>> Check out the Gallery https://www.tog.ie/gallery/ at some of the stuff we have been up tp
>> Also drop in and take a look around and take to some of members even sign up as a Memeber and help us out.
>> Projects page: http://www.tog.ie/projects/
>> Electronics Classes: https://www.tog.ie/2013/06/electronics-bootcamp-2/
>> Thank you
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