[tog] Cleanup, new flooring and lots more projects.

Thomas Geraghty thethomaseffect at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 10:52:04 IST 2013

Hi Christian,

I thought I'd add my own 2 cents in the hope it might be helpful. The
space is already a pretty welcoming place and the people there are
wonderful. For me, the problem is opening hours. It takes me roughly
45 mins to get to the space. When I leave, the website might say open
but it's probable that could change during those 45 mins. The actual
reality of things doesn't matter, it's the thought of that happening
that leads to me staying and hacking at home. I'm not sure if the
space historically had problems with giving access to too many members
but I think the primary problem is there's too much time where nobody
is in the space. 091labs in Galway always has someone floating around
so it really feels like you're welcome at any time to come in and get
some work done. When I moved to Dublin, I spent a frustrating weekend
constantly checking IRC and the site status to see if it was open. If
the problem is that people are busy and only show up to events, then
we can fix that with more events! I already mentioned my willingness
to do programming classes and that still stands.

For politeness, here's a TL;DR :)

ISSUE: Space isn't open consistently enough outside events.
CONSEQUENCE: Potential members give up trying to find a time when the
space is open.
SOLUTION: More events, or a more conscious effort from those who have
free time during the day or weekends to make sure the space has at
least one key-holding member present.

Feel free to ignore all of this, just trying to provide insight from
someone who's only visited the space once :)


On 30 June 2013 20:16, Christian Kortenhorst <namit at namit.org> wrote:
> Hi Tog members, followers and others.
> You may or may not have been in tog for some time but we have been making a massive push to make the space more inviting to people to come hangout and work on projects over the past 2 week we have tidied up a lot in the space and would love you to visit and take part.
> Check out the Gallery https://www.tog.ie/gallery/ at some of the stuff we have been up tp
> Also drop in and take a look around and take to some of members even sign up as a Memeber and help us out.
> Projects page: http://www.tog.ie/projects/
> Electronics Classes: https://www.tog.ie/2013/06/electronics-bootcamp-2/
> Thank you
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