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On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 2:29 PM, Cian Masterson <cian.masterson at gmail.com>wrote:

> I don't have a clue about moulding or resin but the dude from Volpin Props
> has some pretty in-depth writeups on how he makes his props on his blog.
>  May be of use?
> Here are some daggers he moulded in resin:
> http://www.volpinprops.com/heis-daggers-darker-than-black/
> The gun from portal:
> http://www.volpinprops.com/portal-gun-for-childs-play/
> Daft Punk helmet with lots of detail about moulding:
> http://www.volpinprops.com/daft-punk-helmet-part-2/
> And this is unlikely to be relevant to your build but his "Big Daddy"
> costume from BioShock has to be seen to be believed:
> http://www.volpinprops.com/aquarium-photoshoot/
> Slan,
> Cian
> On 29 January 2013 18:18, Sophie O'Gara <ravingsohma at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm trying to make a blue clear resin replica of the bow and arrow from
>> the picture below.
>>  I want to put LEDs into the middle of the bow as well and the arrow so
>> it will glow.
>>  I'm going to make a clay model of the bow and arrow which I then want to
>> mold so I can pour the clear blue resin into the mold to create the bow.
>> Does anyone in TOG have any experience in mold making or know where would
>> be a good place to start?
>>  What would be the best way to go about making the mold so that it would
>> be in 3d?
>> Would resin be the best way to do this or would it possibly be too heavy?
>>  Pic: http://zwyll.org/external/lol/champions_eu/Ashe_Splash_0.jpg
>> Thanks,
>> Sophie
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> Hi Sophie,

  For modelling I'd use https://tinkercad.com/ as blender is not as
intuitive as the usual 3d modelling programs such as 3d studio max or
cinema 4d.

Also tinkercad is  quite quick to get up to speed with, and allows you to
either download the model or forward it on to one of the 3d printing houses.
You could then get it printed in acrylic, or  just design the negative to
make a mold, and fill the mold with resin. Acrylic can be quite brittle and
would likely snap. Polycarbonate or pet is more resilient but harder to
polish .

By the looks of the design, it would work well if you used a cnc and did
inverted prismatic cutting. So using a v cutter, depending on the width of
the shape at a point, it goes to a certain depth.
See at about 4:50 here
This would give you 2 halves of a mold to pour resin into.

In terms of lighting it, you could go with el wire

We have some in the space.

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