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Tue Jan 29 20:07:06 GMT 2013

On 29/01/13 19:30, Sophie O'Gara wrote:
> Oh thanks Philip for all of your really useful links!
> I was thinking of doing a clear blue tinted resin (I was looking it up 
> online and saw that apparently it exists).
> The sideglow lights look like exactly what I'm looking for. Do they 
> need a switch to turn them off and on?
You put the LEDs, battery, any other electronics and a switch in the 
base, then route the light thread to where it's needed, shielding it in 
places you don't want light escaping.
That way you can try different LEDs without having to scrap the sculpture.

I think the side-glow idea is based on tiny cracks/impurities in the 
plastic fibre.
I'd experiment with an acrylic bow, a bow moulded around a fibre e.t.c. 
and get that looking right first.
Actually I'd computer model the lot first if I knew how to use Blender

I had an idea for 3D-printing that could apply here

That's a bit off-topic and isn't out there yet (I'll get around to it) 
but it might be able to simulate eye colour and skin tone.
Let me know how you get on!


> On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 7:21 PM, Philip Ashmore 
> <contact at philipashmore.com <mailto:contact at philipashmore.com>> wrote:
>     On 29/01/13 18:18, Sophie O'Gara wrote:
>         Hi everyone,
>         I'm trying to make a blue clear resin replica of the bow and
>         arrow from the picture below.
>          I want to put LEDs into the middle of the bow as well and the
>         arrow so it will glow.
>     You might be better off using "sideglow" plastic or similar for
>     the bow/arrow - Google got me
>     http://www.fiberopticproducts.com/Sideglow.htm
>     I looked into it a while ago for ideas for shop display lighting,
>     you might be able to make your own with clear/blue acrylic.
>          I'm going to make a clay model of the bow and arrow which I
>         then want to mold so I can pour the clear blue resin into the
>         mold to create the bow.
>         Does anyone in TOG have any experience in mold making or know
>         where would be a good place to start?
>     I use Polymorph
>     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycaprolactone
>     You can get some at Maplins.
>     Make the shape you want, then make a rubber mould - a quick Google
>     got me
>     http://www.smooth-on.com/Sculpture-and-Art-/c1239/index.html
>          What would be the best way to go about making the mold so
>         that it would be in 3d?
>         Would resin be the best way to do this or would it possibly be
>         too heavy?
>     Depends on the size.
>          Pic: http://zwyll.org/external/lol/champions_eu/Ashe_Splash_0.jpg
>     Looks awesome. Will the finished item be clear, painted or with
>     multiple staged moulds with different coloured resin?
>         Thanks,
>         Sophie
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