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Tue Jan 29 19:21:21 GMT 2013

On 29/01/13 18:18, Sophie O'Gara wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to make a blue clear resin replica of the bow and arrow 
> from the picture below.
>  I want to put LEDs into the middle of the bow as well and the arrow 
> so it will glow.
You might be better off using "sideglow" plastic or similar for the 
bow/arrow - Google got me
I looked into it a while ago for ideas for shop display lighting, you 
might be able to make your own with clear/blue acrylic.
>  I'm going to make a clay model of the bow and arrow which I then want 
> to mold so I can pour the clear blue resin into the mold to create the 
> bow.
> Does anyone in TOG have any experience in mold making or know where 
> would be a good place to start?
I use Polymorph
You can get some at Maplins.
Make the shape you want, then make a rubber mould - a quick Google got me
>  What would be the best way to go about making the mold so that it 
> would be in 3d?
> Would resin be the best way to do this or would it possibly be too heavy?
Depends on the size.
>  Pic: http://zwyll.org/external/lol/champions_eu/Ashe_Splash_0.jpg
Looks awesome. Will the finished item be clear, painted or with multiple 
staged moulds with different coloured resin?
> Thanks,
> Sophie
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> Sophie O'Gara
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